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Nurse Fournier

Earlier this year, when we hosted the 4th annual Editor’s Prize competition, we asked students to respond to the question “What does it mean to heal, and when, if ever, is the process complete?” While we can’t necessarily define what healing is, we do know that we’ve witnessed so much of it in our community this year. We are honored to dedicate the 2022 issue of Fault Lines to someone who has not only worked tirelessly to make in-person learning possible, but whose kindness, bravery, and compassion have given us all someone to turn to in the midst of frightening circumstances. While others fulfilled their duty to distance themselves from the sick, she fearlessly rushed in to test, comfort, and console. Nurse Fournier, you have risen to the occasion in every way possible, and we cannot thank you enough for your commitment to healing our community. 

Fault Lines Banksy Photo.jpg


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