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I'm Tarred of Birds – Flavia Valente '22

I’m tarred of birds.

Feathered up with chirping and converging their meatings, with arranging their songs to describe

my fledgling feelings

I’d invent a new bird if I could, I wood.

I have romances with many birds, none mine thought.

Sad to nether own a bird.

But if I owned one, it’d sit and chub, a stub. Nobody’d chirp or

Exert it.

Look, it’s tarred, stuck in an encage on a page with me.

I’m tarred of tarred birds.

I must let it fly and misunderstand me.

Be owned by the sun and free.

Join the flock of vocabulary.

Me standing by its tree, it standing me,

Absent brown eyes staring at me,

It lends its voice to my poetry,

And doesn’t participate in my personal legatree.

Art by Katelyn Wang '23


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