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So sickly sweet – Abby Beamer '22

And, she began to smell sweet

A sweet like an old grandmother’s candy bowl

A sweet like week old fruit cake.

She smiles so hard

Her smile smiling into the stares

She smiles she cries she laughs she hurts

Her sweet sweet smell

Oh sweetie darling little girl

What did you know?


Nothing of the rot

The rot that begins to set in.

Her sweet sweet smell

grows sickly

She gags she can’t get away.

Oh sweet darling you make yourself rot

Rotting rotting gone forgotten.

She’s forgotten

What made her so sweet

She’s searching

Oh darling, darling girl.

She finds sunken cheeks

Sunken eyes

Sunken lies

The mirror

The pretty pretty mirror can’t smell the smell

Of her rotting skin

But it can see those sunken cheeks

She sees those sunken cheeks.

We see those sunken cheeks.

To be sweet is to one day rot

To rot is to one day be forgotten.

Once a sweet, sweet girl

now a rotten, sickly girl

Still a darling, darling girl

So she tries to be still

She still wants to be sweet

But knows she will rot.

So she sits

Sits still, sits unsweet unrotten unforgotten

Not surrendering to the sickly sweetness.

Art by Katelyn Wang '23


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